Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cost of living in the UK

Credit cards are widely accepted. Same with traveler's checks, which is best to use in pounds sterling (avoided in this way, additional commission fees.)

Example prices in the UK: a loaf of bread - on average £ 1 a liter of milk - about 60 pence, 1 kg of apples - about 1.5 GBP.

Renting in London in a double room will cost about 200 GBP per week and more. Prices depend on location and standard of accommodation, often requires a deposit for 1, 2, weeks or months in advance. The current minimum wage per hour is £ 5.05 for workers aged 22 and above.

A weekly bus ticket in London costs £ 13.5; day - £ 3.5; a single journey - 1.5 GBP. Tickets for the metro and train are much more expensive, such as single Tube journey will cost £ 3 a week travelcard (on the train, metro and buses) on the 4 zones will cost £ 31.6.