Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Clave Cairns, Ben Nevis, River Ness

Near Culloden is equally important, because prehistoric site - the Temple 5,000 years before: Clave Cairns. Chris asked us to take off their shoes when entering the site, otherwise deptalibyśmy good fairies and spirits of Scotland. According to legend, the great, a Celtic god - Ben Nevis, long ago, threw them on the ground from the highest mountain in Scotland, and then turned into stones. Smaller stones are fairies, and more are good spirits. Later that same evening we arrived in the capital Highlands, Inverness. It is a small town, picturesquely situated on the River Ness. Bay in Inverness can be found even dolphins. The memory stuck in our particular unique atmosphere of local pubs. Scots are very entertaining people. They can spend long hours drinking beer or whiskey, talking, singing and dancing. Everywhere you can find traces of their great patriotism. People with our colleague has been compared to William Wallace, who this time would be designed to win independence for the Scots.