Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The other legend of Giant's Causeway

The second legend is more romantic, though it's only a banal love story of a giant and the giant. This time, Fionn had to fall in love with a woman living on the Island of Staffa, near the Scottish coast (here, "the road" again emerges.) So he built the dam, and on her way to be able to move to his beloved home.

Before the place became a famous tourist attraction of the local villagers used the exposed gaps between the columns as reservoirs of salt. Filling them with sea water and, after evaporation of the sun scraping salt. Since the eighteenth century, began to appear there first tourists.
We stood on the black basalt columns, covered with yellowish brown and lichen. Patrzyłyśmy as foaming waves crashing on the shore. We felt a slight breeze on his face unique and admired the beauty arising from the forces of nature. When I left this piece of land there was no bitterness in me as in the eighteenth century writer William Makepeace Thackeray, who said: "My God! And I traveled 100 miles to see it. "I walked with a friend is not 150 and 1500 km and do not regret. Once again, the nature of mankind has proved that her works are not only subtle, multicolored, arousing awe and humility, but also finely made that no man is as creative as nature itself.