Monday, January 10, 2011

Polish Deli in Edinburgh

Nice idea for a business: A married couple in Edinburgh established a Polish-English Polish delicatessen Deli Polonia and their venture has received an award from the local chamber of commerce. Edinburghers can buy there such products as Polish sausages, dumplings, pickles, stuffed cabbage (one of Polish national dishes), or Polish bread. On sale are also Polish newspapers and Polish beer.

The deli is popular not only with the Polish community, but also Scots, Spaniards,
French, Italians, and Chinese people. They buy such products as Polish bread, herring, sausages, juices, Polish fudge. For christmas the delicatessen is preparing carp and different traditional cakes. They also participate in the the Christmas market in central Edinburgh.

I love Polish food, so was very glad to come across this store. Good work.