Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Scotland - general information

Scotland is one of the regions of the United Kingdom, which enjoys a relatively high degree of autonomy. In 1999. as a result of devolution in Scotland was given the right to create their own parliament and executive authorities. Decisions on such matters as education, transport and health are made in Scotland. The country has a different legal and court system than other parts of the United Kingdom.

In Scotland, Many religions are practiced, and its inhabitants speak mostly English. Some Scots speak Halicki, belongs to the Celtic language group.

Due to cultural differences, some institutions operate differently in Scotland than in other parts of the United Królestwa.Władze local communities are responsible for many services that the State provides mieszkańcom.ozwolonej speed.
Do not talk on the phone while driving.
Seatbelts must be worn and children must sit in special seats.