Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Irish impressions

Ireland has charmed us with its wealth of landscapes. Lush green grass, steep rugged cliffs, dive into the waves of the sea, the old mountain ranges covered with heath and the blue glacial lakes in the ruins of old castles and the remains of the Celtic culture still draw in my imagination the image of the island. Wandering through the rarely visited, Irish routes, away from human settlements established close contact with nature, I had time for reflection and inner calm.
Thoughts often go back to the moments in this wonderful country. Before my eyes there is a breathtaking sight of a small portion of the coast, which takes only 2 ha in size and is called the Giant's Causeway - Giant Road. It is located in the northern part of Ulster, belonging to Great Britain. For Northern Ireland, we got a hitch from Donegal situated in the Republic of Ireland. Hitch-hiking provides not only economic benefits. It's a great way to closer to understanding the country's population, their mentality and everyday life, not written anywhere customs and traditions, as well as an excellent opportunity to learn the language.