Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Giant's Causeway

Giant's Causeway greeted us with a breathtaking picture - a small piece of land as if made ​​by human hands, and whose creation had nothing to do with human activity! We saw a regular, hexagonal columns of descending stairs into the depths of the ocean. They were about 60 million years ago during a volcanic eruption that formed the Antrim plateau. The middle part of the effluent stream from the crust of lava stygła slower than the outer layers. Solidify lava shrank, resulting in tension and tension arose, which led to the formation of cracks in hexagonal and 37,000 regular basalt columns. Only some of them are five and a seven, and two, the key and the chair of the octagonal wishlist.

Otherwise explain the rise of the Irish legend of the island. According to the most popular version of the island once lived a giant called the Ulster warrior Fionn Mac Cumhaill. He had scores to settle with his friend from Scotland. To meet with a rival and fight a duel with him on the fists began to build the road to Scotland throwing in the sea pulled from the earth, stone pillars. When he saw the enemy, but he threw himself to escape. Scot followed him. Fionn he came to his house, he put the child's cradle. When Scot came home and saw Fionna "child" of his enemy as a giant, said that the father should be even greater. So scared of that vision, that he fled to Scotland and did not appear again. Built if the road still exists and is called the Giant's Causeway.