Friday, February 18, 2011

Pitlochry and Perthshire

Pitlochry is not only an excellent base for exploring Scotland. The same is also offered numerous attractions in the area because there are several excellent hiking trails offering magnificent opportunity to commune with nature and Scottish culture. Easily reached Perthsire capital - known for Scone Palace Perth. However, an unforgettable experience was nearly 18-mile hike to the castle in Blair Athol (Blair Castle). The beautiful whitewashed castle was built in the thirteenth century and for over 700 years the house was the residence of Atholl. His Prince is the only one in Scotland is entitled to possession, moreover, only in Europe, a private army. Hiking trail to the castle by Killiecrankie beautiful gorge, which in 1689 witnessed a dramatic, bloody battle between the Orangemen and jakobitami. The gorge is a center dedicated to the event. Another interesting town in the area is Castle Menzies Aberfeldy of the sixteenth century, built on the set Z. flows through the town of Loch Tay. Go to the other side can be a stone bridge dating from 1733 years - Wade's Bridge. There is also ominęliśmy journey to the Tay Forest Park. The heart of this beautiful park is the Queen's View Centre - one of the most popular beauty spots of Scotland, and this is due to Queen Victoria, who liked to spend time here sipping tea and admiring nature unsullied mountain in the valley of Loch Tummel.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inverness, Scotland

Another goal of our trip was located in the north of Inverness. The city is no longer in the mountainous area of Highland. There is nineteenth-century red sandstone castle, which is a reconstruction of Shakespeare's Macbeth's castle. The town is pleasantly situated on the picturesque River Ness, joining up with the famous lake, the "dungeon" Ness. We went on a 3-hour cruise on the lake in the hope that maybe we will see the famous Nessie monster. Finding the monster can take some time, because the lake is very long - more than 35 km and deep - 200 meters. The surrounding hills and the wonderful, very romantic ruins located on the rock of the thirteenth-century Castle Urguhart make the existence of the monster can easily believe it.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Malt Whisky Trail

Scotland is the country of whisky, so we went on the famous "Malt Whisky Trail". I think that after a few days on the trail may be hard to hum in my head, because the Tour is always connected to the tasting. We had at hand two distilleries. The first, "Bell's Blair Athol Distillery, " passed almost every day :-) Established in 1798, is one of the oldest working distilleries in Scotland and is famous for producing exquisite single malt whiskey. The second is, in turn, the smallest of the Scottish distilleries' Edradour Distillery, founded in 1825. It is situated in the beautiful, picturesque surroundings, and to endow it with a family atmosphere. Employed and oprowadzający us Scots were not only very nice, but also generous, because at the time did not regret tasting "water of life" and they willingly offered additional portion. The smallest distillery produces limited quantities of the amber brew, so because of the money this time we did not buy anything "as a souvenir. " We also visited a small local distillery delicious dark beer in the village and did a lot Moullin stocks for the next days;-

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stirling, Scotland

It was here in 1297 during the Battle of Stirling Bridge, the Scots led by William Wallace defeated the English. Another victory was achieved already in 1314 under the leadership of Robert the Bruce at the Battle of Bannockburn (town located a few miles from Stirling). Stirling Castle was a favorite residence of the Stuarts, and in 1543 years took place in the coronation of Mary, who later became Queen of Scots. Situated on a high, 80-meter high rock resembles a fortress in Edinburgh. In the courtyard of the fortress had a chance to watch demonstrations of medieval combat. We admired the castle kitchen, or stateroom famous "Head of Stirling", 56 beautifully carved panels made of Polish oak. But I guess I made the greatest impression on us rising to the Abbey Craig 70-foot monolith Wallace Monument, commemorating the famous and gallant Scot. At its peak of 250 steep steps lead.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

What to do in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is full of lively pubs serving all sorts of Scotch whiskey and dark beer. Lovers of stronger drink should be tempted to visit the Scotch Whisky Heritage Center, which is located on the main street of Old Town The Royal Mile, and where you can see a huge collection of "water of life. " Edinburgh is also parks, gardens and souvenir shops, where outdo each other in the colors of the Scottish grid. Selection of the so-called. Scottish skirts, or kilts is so vast that it is impossible to immediately decide to buy. From the darkness of the Middle Ages, we were also to the world of childhood dreams and fantasies, and this thanks to the Museum of Childhood, which is intricately made intersting queues, doll houses, puppets, teddy bears and hundreds of other beautiful toys.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Edinburgh Castle

Located on the rocky slopes and the slopes of extinct volcanoes Edinburgh welcomed us with storm clouds and rain, so we feel that our first plane trip in the life lines of Gdansk Centralwings is not an ordinary flight, but travel back in time, and that they moved us into the darkness of the Middle Ages.

Courtyards drenched in rain, gray buildings, winding, dark and narrow streets of old town, climbs steeply up to the Edinburgh Castle is also the same movie they added the climate of terror... To the stabbing, although August morning, the cold at the moment when I stood at the Fountain of Witches made it freaked out that it once I become lost in the dark water. Well, but I'm not a witch ;-) And the fountain, standing next to the fairytale castle, commemorates the place where between 1479 and 1722 burned at the stake last year over 300 women accused of witchcraft. (I wonder whether he actually managed to enchant, or maybe the men could not cope with their personal charm, charming look and a charming smile?

Edinburgh Castle holds many secrets. Over the centuries, was a defensive stronghold of the country also served as a military prison. There is a vault with Scottish royal jewels and the Stone of Destiny on which Scottish kings were crowned. Gates, towers, cannon positions, chapel, or the Military Museum are just a few of the attractions of the castle, which is a must visit. The walls were admiring the beautiful panorama of Edinburgh, the Firth of Forth and lowlands Lothian.