Thursday, February 3, 2011

Edinburgh Castle

Located on the rocky slopes and the slopes of extinct volcanoes Edinburgh welcomed us with storm clouds and rain, so we feel that our first plane trip in the life lines of Gdansk Centralwings is not an ordinary flight, but travel back in time, and that they moved us into the darkness of the Middle Ages.

Courtyards drenched in rain, gray buildings, winding, dark and narrow streets of old town, climbs steeply up to the Edinburgh Castle is also the same movie they added the climate of terror... To the stabbing, although August morning, the cold at the moment when I stood at the Fountain of Witches made it freaked out that it once I become lost in the dark water. Well, but I'm not a witch ;-) And the fountain, standing next to the fairytale castle, commemorates the place where between 1479 and 1722 burned at the stake last year over 300 women accused of witchcraft. (I wonder whether he actually managed to enchant, or maybe the men could not cope with their personal charm, charming look and a charming smile?

Edinburgh Castle holds many secrets. Over the centuries, was a defensive stronghold of the country also served as a military prison. There is a vault with Scottish royal jewels and the Stone of Destiny on which Scottish kings were crowned. Gates, towers, cannon positions, chapel, or the Military Museum are just a few of the attractions of the castle, which is a must visit. The walls were admiring the beautiful panorama of Edinburgh, the Firth of Forth and lowlands Lothian.