Friday, June 3, 2011

Travel to Skye

About how little Scotland is demonstrated by the fact that the East to the West Coast drove the bus about three hours. The Isle of Skye przypłynęłyśmy ferry from Kyle of Lochalsh to Kyleakin. It was a cheaper way than the most expensive toll bridge in Europe. It turned out that the nearest official campsite is located a few kilometers from the port. Fortunately, there are many private Skye campsites may not of the highest standard, but relatively cheap. Eventually, we settled in the village Breakish at a campsite at Mrs. McCloud. Overnight accommodation in a tent is not a good idea to spend the night on Skye. It was very cold, and sleep does not always give beczące sheep. Declined while the number of stars and we saw probably the most beautiful sunset which you can imagine. Skye is a very mountainous island of coastal cliff, the beautiful especially in the north. Everywhere mountains surrounded us, so hungry for experience, we decided to get one of them. Except for their own misfortune we chose one that seemed to us is the highest in the area. Locals call it the Mountain of the Old Woman. Looking for a long road to the summit. At some point we realized that we were completely alone. The area was very wet, which complicated the entrance. Around there were no trees, just rocks, mountain streams and heather which fit landscape "typical Scottish word." Finding a way back turned out to be very difficult. We flew over the heads from time to time military aircraft flying low exercisers.