Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Facebook Pages in Portuguese

So its all set! I mean nothing is set, but I have decided to travel to Brasil this winter. We're at the stage of looking at flights, which are of course not cheap. But it's defiantely worth it, as we're going to Brasil for the whole month. And around the Carnival season! Wooohoooo!!

I've decided to practise my non-existent Portuguese. Bought a phrase book, but just can't get to it. And since I'm a Facebook maniac I decided to look for some Facebook Pages in Portuguese. At least I can "like" them and receive some updates in Portuguese from time to time. I found a great website, which gave me an overview of the best Facebook Pages in Portuguese. It's called FanPageRanking.com and their Portuguese ranking is here. Really very useful, especially because I don't really know (yet!) what those pages are really about:)